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    Promote your offers

    Upload your offers to Rubinsta app and reach your clients exactly when they need you. Show up on their smartphones at the right place and time!

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    Reward loyal clients

    Clients who visit you often, deserve a gift. Believe us, they will appreciate it and they will spread it to their friends!

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    Leave the rest to us and just watch your business grow

    We use cutting edge technology for promoting your company to nearby users. We require no effort from you!

We attract new customers to your store

Rubinsta gives you access to your clients’ smartphones. You can promote your offers exactly when nearby users need you. Rubinsta will help you attract new clients and to increase your revenue.

We help you build your own loyalty program

Rubinsta provides you with your clients’ info after their first visit, to keep them engaged and coming back. You can keep track of their visits and you are able to automatically reward your loyal customers. It is proven that if you reward their actions, they are much more likely to tell their friends about it.

We incentivize users to visit you and to promote you on social media

Rubinsta rewards your clients when they like, check-in and engage with your social media pages. Every time that one of your clients promotes you on social media he claims gifts offered by Rubinsta.*

We give access to your customers’ demographics and visit frequency.

Rubinsta provides you with up to date reports concerning your clients’ demographics and frequency of visits and the effectiveness of your promotional activities. These help you to efficiently target your promotional activities and to engage your customers.

The most credible advertising comes straight from the people we know and trust. More than eight-in-10 global respondents (83%) say they completely or somewhat trust the recommendations of friends and family.

Nielsen, Global Trust in Advertising Report, 2015.

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